How Rules and Regulations on Defacing Park Property in Dayton, OH Apply to Trees?

Below you’ll find Dayton, OH rules on defacing park property. Here at Premiere Tree Services of Dayton, we make sure that all our customers are well informed, not only on tree care but on tree regulations as well. For all your tree removal, honeysuckle removal, tree planting, stump grinding, or other tree service needs, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

Defacing park property

No person shall write upon, cut, mutilate, or deface in any manner any building, fence, bench, masonry, statue, fountain, ornament, tree, or other public property in any public park or on any boulevard or levee in the city.

Damaging shrubs and grass in parks

  1. No person shall dig, remove, or carry away any sod, sand, earth, tree, shrub, plant, or flower, or trample upon, break, or deface any trees, plants, or shrubs in any public park or on any boulevard or levee.
  2. No person shall go upon any grass lawns or turf of any public park, boulevard, or levee where signs have been erected with a notice to keep off the grass.

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