What are the Regulations on Moving Buildings or Heavy Machinery along Streets in Dayton, OH?

Below you will find information on Dayton, OH regulations concerning moving buildings and heavy machinery along the streets in Dayton, OH, as well as how it affects trees. Here are Premiere Tree Services of Dayton, we make sure that all our customers are well informed, not only on tree care but on tree regulations as well. For all your tree removal, honeysuckle removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, or other tree service needs, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

Moving building or heavy machinery along streets

  1. No person, whether a licensee by the Division of Building Inspection or otherwise, shall move any building or heavy machinery along the street in such a way as to interfere with, injure, or destroy any tree or shrub in any street or public ground, parks, and parkways in the city.
  2. A special permit from the Director of Urban Development shall be required for the moving of buildings and heavy machinery along the streets of the city.
  3. The application for such permit shall specify the building or machinery and proposed route over which it is desired to remove such building or machinery, and shall be accompanied by the written consent of the majority of the property owners along the proposed route having trees or shrubs within the highway.
  4. If the moving of said buildings or heavy machinery herein permitted will in any way interfere with, injure, or destroy any tree or shrubbery along said route in the opinion of the Director of Urban Development, such tree shall be removed or otherwise protected until after the passage of said building or heavy machinery, and replanted or restored under the supervision and direction of the Director of Urban Development and at the expense of the person moving the building or heavy machinery. Before such permit is granted for such moving of a building or heavy machinery, the applicant therefor shall deposit $10.00 per tree with the director, or as much more as the director may deem necessary, to cover the actual expense of removing and replanting or otherwise protecting such trees, which deposit shall be retained until such trees are safely replanted or restored, when such action is deemed advisable or necessary by the Director of Urban Development. Every permittee under this section shall be liable to pay to the owner of every tree so removed and replanted herein, if any such tree dies by reason thereof, the actual value of such tree, which shall be recoverable by the owner of such tree in a civil action.

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