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Dayton is full of lush green trees, many of them lovingly tended heirlooms. Unfortunately, some of the most beloved trees eventually have to be removed due to health problems. When that time comes, our Dayton experts are here to provide professional tree removal services. Our tree removals are performed quickly, safely, and professionally. You’ll never have to worry about property damage caused by carelessness or lack of experience, nor will you ever have reason to be displeased with your tree removal results. We ensure that our Dayton tree service clients are 100% satisfied.

How Our Dayton Tree Removal Process Works

Our Dayton tree service experts handle the details of each tree removal differently, depending on size, amount and the tree’s health. In general, our tree removal process follows these simple steps:

  • Site Review and Consultation: Before we begin work, our tree experts will carefully evaluate your tree’s health. We are ISA Certified arborists, so we know exactly how to determine a tree’s level of decay. We’ll also examine the surrounding terrain and make notes of any other potentially restrictive factors. We’ll report our findings and make suggestions on how to proceed. As the customer, you have the final say-so in how to proceed on your tree removal!
  • Debris and Decay Removal: Our experts will carefully remove all tree debris and unstable limbs before tree removal. This ensures that your commercial or residential property won’t be damaged by falling debris.
  • Tree Removal and Stump Grinding: Once the area is sufficiently cleared, our Dayton tree service experts will begin the removal process. We’ll finish by removing your tree stump. If you’d like to have a nutrient-rich mulch to spread around your property, we’ll do some stump grinding and help you distribute it around your land.
  • Hauling and Landscape Restoration: Our tree service experts won’t just remove your trees and leave you with a pile of trash! We’ll haul away any debris accumulated during the removal process and we’ll dispose of it in accordance with Dayton regulations. We’ll also be glad offer you any of our landscape restoration services, like tree planting or shrub removal.

Dayton, OH’s Trusted Emergency Removal Provider

We offer 24-hr emergency tree removal services every day of the year, so if you need tree removal help at midnight or at the crack of dawn, we’ll be happy to come to your aid! It’s one of the many Dayton tree services that puts us head and shoulders above amateur tree removal companies.

Get a Free Dayton Tree Removal Estimate

Our Dayton tree service experts are always happy to provide free estimates on tree removals, as well as any other tree service! Just contact our Dayton office, explain your situation, and we’ll start constructing a personalized estimate right away. We always work within our client’s budgets, and our estimates are fast, free, and accurate. Get in touch today! We service all of Dayton.